19 September 2012

Paper accepted

Our paper, A Framework for OpenGL Client-Server Rendering has just been accepted to GPU-Cloud 2012, one of the workshops at IEEE CloudCom 2012 to be held in Taipei in December!

The paper describes our Tinia software framework.
Tinia makes it easy to deploy existing OpenGL and CUDA applications in the cloud, and display the result to any type of client in the web browser.

preprint is available from SINTEFs preprint service.

Abstract: We present a software framework that facilitates the development of OpenGL applications utilizing the limited GPU capacities of a portable client in combination with the high-end rendering hardware on a server. The resulting webapplication uses standard technologies and can be run on a wide variety of devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. The framework is designed so that it is simple to make an existing OpenGL application into a web-application, gradually adding client-side rendering. Furthermore, it provides automatic network scaling to provide interactivity even on poor connections.

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