31 October 2012

Tutorial 2: Specifying GUI (part 1)

In this tutorial we build upon Tutorial 1 to create a more complex graphical user interface using the Tinia framework.

Familiarity with basic OpenGL and C++ with object orientation is assumed.

The program created in this tutorial will run both as a desktop program and as a server/client program.

11 October 2012

Master thesis proposal: Adapting geometry to WebGL-clients

Are you a student at University of Oslo, NTNU or another University? Are you passionate about graphics, visualization and the possibilities of a networked world?

We accept master students who are interested in working with the Tinia Framework, below we sketch is just one possible topic.

9 October 2012

Besserud Bingo released!

SINTEF ICT is pleased to announce the release of Tinia version 0.2.5: Besserud Bingo. This is primarily a bug-fix release that fixes issues with release Besserud.

Notable changes:

  • FindTinia.cmake is fixed to properly build external Tinia-projects.
  • Trackball-rotation is once again working without hick-ups.