11 October 2012

Master thesis proposal: Adapting geometry to WebGL-clients

Are you a student at University of Oslo, NTNU or another University? Are you passionate about graphics, visualization and the possibilities of a networked world?

We accept master students who are interested in working with the Tinia Framework, below we sketch is just one possible topic.

Adapting geometry to WebGL-clients

  • Thin clients (tablets, cell-phones, ultrabooks) can not process large geometry models
    • Remedy: High quality rendering on servers + lightweight geometry on client
  • Tasks:
    • Coarsening of large geometry models
      • Domain-based triangle reductions
      • Tesselation from higher-order representations
      • Snooping on the OpenGL command stream?
    • Adapting geometry to available bandwidth
    • Port desktop game to web?
    • OpenGL to SVG?
      • To support browsers without WebGL support
  • Key Technologies
    • The Tinia Open Source Framework
    • C++/JavaScripts/OpenGL/WebGL
  • Location: SINTEF in Forskningsparken, Oslo, Norway
  • Contact: Johan Seland


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